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Michael Kliebenstein was born in 1960, educated at St. Blasien and Schloss Neubeuern High School in Germany. As a teenager he went straight to work as a property master at a German Film Company specializing in 1920s/1930s outdoor sets all over Europe, a profession where historic vehicles played a major role.

He had a variety of interesting jobs in this context and later spent a year in New York as a photographer. National Service followed. At the same time he acquired his private pilot’s license at Cologne Airport. He then decided to go into the film industry and directed his first short film. After having shown his film at festivals, he then decided to study Film at the London International Film School in Covent Garden. Additionally, he took a course in Media & Advertising at Cologne Werbefachschule, paralelled by a stint as a Special Effects Editor at Pinewood Film & Television Studios in Iver Heath. What followed was a 15 year period as a Film & Television Director/Producer with his own company in Cologne, Germany. He produced more than 150 films, mostly advertising and television programmes on behalf of large German corporate companies.

In his late 30s he decided to slightly adjust his activities more in the direction of political campaign work. He led many successful political campaigns as lead strategist and campaign manager personally responsible for all activities. At the same time he published a series of articles about classic watches in the leading German magazine Uhren Magazin.
He became Secretary of the German section of the RREC (Rolls-Royce & Bentley Enthusiasts’ Club) and developed the first RREC magazine for the German-speaking members. He published many articles about Rolls-Royce cars and history and later took part in the development of the Rolls-Royce Brand Academy in München on behalf of BMW Group. He also worked for Project Rolls-Royce, the team that developed the new model Phantom VII in year 2000.

On behalf of the Ministries of Bavaria, he undertook many regional marketing programs to promote and strengthen the image of the commercial attributes of Bavaria over a period of six plus years.

At the same time he helped many small and mid-sized companies to acquire a bigger share of their global markets. What followed in his fifties was the opportunity to team up with the then new company Vintage & Prestige, London to build a new internet-based sales concept for early Pre-War and vintage cars in the UK. Vintage & Prestige today is the biggest seller of vintage cars in Europe, if not worldwide.

AMAZING WORLD of Classic Cars


The Amazing World of Classic Cars takes a look behind the scenes of the magnificent and nostalgic world of classic cars with images of outstanding photographic quality.
Printed on high quality paper, the pictures seem to pop right off the page, immersing the reader in the fascinating world of classic automobiles. In it, Michael Kliebenstein takes a playful look at some of the world’s rarest and most expensive vintage cars, allowing the reader to share both the passion of driving them as well as the adventure of looking for and discovering hidden automotive treasures, often in the most unlikely places.

KLASSISCHE COCKPITS | classic car dashboards

Passion behind the wheel

Herausgeber Michael Kliebenstein mit Co-Autor Steve Natale
Faszination und Nostalgie pur: „Leidenschaft am Steuer“ gibt spannende Einblicke in die Cockpits von Oldtimern des 20. Jahrhunderts. In diesem Buch geht es auch um leidenschaftliche Oldtimerfahrer und die große Herausforderung, alte Schätze an verborgenen Orten aufzuspüren.

ISBN 978-3667-11239-2

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