from the author

First and foremost, I would like to thank my close friend Corrado Cuppelini for his enthusiasm in letting me discover and have all these fascinating photos you see in this book. I consider them to be some of the most fantastic classic cars pictures ever.

My special thanks go to Christian Bayer for his enormous contribution and provision of graphic work, intuiton and feel connected with this book. Needless to say the memory has stayed with me forever. With this book I would like to thank both Corrado and Christian for all the help and joy they have given me with their generosity.

I also want to thank: Steve and Mary Natale for giving me editorial help with my english texts; Gérald Guétat for letting me use some quotes from his Cuppelini biography and Jürgen Lewandowski for all his good advice.

I would like to thank Thomas Tatum for his generous help and patience in providing me with guidance in finding correct words, phrases and descriptions to express my thoughts and emotions in creating this book. And I want to thank Alfredo de la Maria for our book cover painting for the limited collector’s edition.

Also important to me and my work are the great experts of classic cars, who supported my desire for more knowledge as well as my photographic curiosity:
Philip Porter, Rick Hall, Bernie Ecclestone, Emanuelle Colli from Kidston SA, Gregor Fisken, Christopher Mann, Alain de Cadenet, Peter Bradfield, Bruno Vendiesse, Phillippe Muldérs, Jim Stokes, James Hurrington, Serge Heitz, Richard Biddulph, Julian Majzub, Arthur Bechtel, Eric van Lammeren, Donald Cok, Keith Bluemel, Kevin J. Caulfield, Paul F. Schouwenbourg, Davide Bassoli, Keith Riddington, Robert Dean, Franz Wittner, Antonio Calleria, Paul Grist, Jean Guikas, Lukas Hüni, Andreas Dünkel, Michael Holzner, Micera Curly, Capelli Motors, Automobil Club d’Ouest, Musée 24 Heures du Mans.

I am grateful to Connie Constantin for supporting this project so vehemently. I particularly express my gratitude to Thomas Sommer for his invaluable assistance in the creation of this book.

Of course I would like to mention all the people I have worked with as an author or as a photographer during all these many years, but it would be a very long list.

I am most grateful to my family – my wife Annette and my son Christopher, who have always provided support, humour and love – I dedicate this book to them.

  • The Corrado Archive

    in an earyl version – under the author’s desk

    SuperFinds Book Michael Kliebenstein
  • With cover painter Alfredo de la Maria

  • ... and with Corrado explaining the locations

  • Making of SuperFinds

    with Christian in pre-production…

  • Expert Talk about SuperFinds

    with Donald Cok, the author, Eric van Lammeren and Julian Majzub.